MIF Chemical Free

Mobile Iron Free   Line of Products

Chemical Free Iron Removal Filter, Portable and Manual, but easy to use. 

HydroTec Systems Company introduces another product in our Mobile Soft Water line, a portable iron filter that uses no chemical. The Model MIF0618-0.2-PX unit is six inches in diameter by 22 inches over all in height and weighs about 31 pounds without water. We have tested this unit on water having more than 5 ppm iron and manganese. The unit ran for 4-1/2 hours at 0.7 gpm treating more than 180 gallons. 


      Recreational Vehicle owners and RV enthusiasts,

    · Persons who rent or own cabins with running water, 

    · Condominium renters or owners,

    · Persons who have sea side homes that use desalting units, but have Hydrogen sulfide

    · Mobile campers who want fresh drinking water (this unit will not remove biological contamination) 

    · Farmers who have wells away from the main house that they use for water


     Effective reduction of iron, sulfur and manganese

     Durable material with long service life and low annual attrition of bed

     No chemical regeneration required only periodic back washing.


    23" High By 15" Wide By 8" Deep -- Remember to allow space for hose and, or pipe 
    31 lbs dry
    38 lbs with water in the tank


      pH: 6.5-9.0

     Bed depth:  As calculated and confirmed by testing

     Backwash flow rate: 5 gpm per

     Service flow rate: 0.7 gpm (higher rates of flow will derate the capacity and water quality)

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