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Part number matrix for the above

The above capacities are based on using an 8% cross linked strong acid cation resin. The maximum capacity is derated by at least a 10% to allowance for equipment inefficiencies. Three ion-exchange vendor's data serve as the bases for these capacities. The vendors are Dow, ResinTech, and Purolite. HydroTec selected a range below two of the vendors and slightly above the third. There are several factors not represented in our calculations, therefore, to provide a better representation of your operating conditions, a supply water analysis is required.

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HydroTec is featuring a Clack TruSoft controlled 32,000 grain softener. Clack is a well established brand highly accepted by water treatment professionals for over 60 years. We are offering two models, a time-clock controlled valve and a water meter controlled valve. Both systems include the controller/valve, the FRP pressure vessel, the distributor, softening media and the brine storage tank with brine valve. Both systems will look similar to the unit shown to the left. The connections are 1" as required by most modern building codes. The power requirements are 120 volts, 60 hertz, single phase.

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