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About HydroTec Systems Company, Inc.
DBA MobileH2O
HydroTec is a supplier of water conditioning systems headquartered in Tiskilwa, Illinois. Our customer base includes both national and international businesses. For the past 25 plus years HydroTec has served our customers here in the United States and worldwide. HydroTec's  customers include industrial, commercial, governmental agencies, domestic users, recreational vehicle enthusiast, seasonal condominium owners, vacation getaways and other fixed or mobile water treatment applications. our broad product line meets our customer needs for the condition of their water before it is used. HydroTec supplies engineered products as well as catalog, per-engineered, products. We offer the highest quality, when it comes to finding a spot free water system. Product development, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, logistics, installation and customer support emanate from years of experience of the best known brands in the water conditioning, ion-exchange and reverse osmosis supply focused the supply of treatment systems to you the customer.
HydroTec Systems Company, Inc sells products ONLY through authorized dealers and or channels of distribution qualified by HydroTec to sell our MobileH2O product line. ONLY HydroTec Systems Company, Inc. will provide our customers with excellent pre-sale and post-sale service and will uphold HydroTec's standards. Only a HydroTec authorized dealer or retailer can convey to you, the consumer, the HydroTec factory warranty. Purchasing from an authorized dealer is the only way you get HydroTec to support you in your use and enjoyment of your MobileH2O product. HydroTec Trademarked Brands are: Mobile Soft Water, Mobile Iron Free, Mobile Spot Free, Mobile Sweet Water and Mobile H2O. When it comes to finding a top of the line spot free water system, Purehts is the brand you want.