HydroTec Systems Company, Inc.

The purpose of this test was to verify our flow to bed depth ratio calculated from the media suppliers historical date was verifiable in actual operation. 

We set up the unit to flow at 0.7gpm based on the data provided. The water tested had a pH of 7.4 and iron of greater than 5 mg/l. We ran the units over three days to a less than 0.5 mg/l end point. Each test design demonstrated that the flow based on bed depth was viable and that a ten (10) times tank volume treatment rate was also viable. 

The Field test demonstrated the usefulness of our media and this product.
Mobile Iron Free(TM ) Three Day Field Test
The exciting part of this whole project is that this systems does not require any chemicals or external devices to regenerate the filtration media. The unit can be back-washed clean and used again and again.